South African Tourism

Using a design system to sell a country

Our first UX research into the South African Tourism digital ecosystem revealed over 70 digital assets and websites that had no cohesive design language.

Thoughtful UX and restructuring took all of these disparate elements and placed them into four categories that fully represented the various business mandates within South African Tourism: Travel, Business Events, Trade and Corporate.

Using a well thought out and beautiful design system, I was able to give each category its own unique personality without compromising on brand consistency. This was done by simply changing out the custom shweshwe pattern and primary colour in each category.

This project won four awards at the 2018 Bookmark Awards.

The sheer scale of this digital ecosystem could not have been achieved without the use of a design system. Our system was based on the principles of Brad Frost’s Atomic Design, using a UI kit to build elements and elements to build a total of about 30 fully responsive components. These 30 components have been used in various configurations with curated content to create over 30 000 unique pages in 9 different languages.


  • Design Lead
  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Developer Guidance


  • South African Tourism


  • Hellocomputer

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